game category: Strategy

The Revived Throne

Introduction With the power of the dead, claim your rightful place on your throne, capture despicable enemies, sign contracts with other lords, fight epic battles, and destroy anyone who stands in your way.You lost everything because of an unexpected betrayal, but the power of the dead revived you and gave you a second chance. Rule… Read more »

Call of Spartan

A mind-blowing Online Strategy game designed for everyone who values honor and glory! Game Features: – real battle: You can see real battle in the map, different from all Strategy games. – simple design: Everything in the game is easy to control – easy play: Get Diamond from Event. – Temple and Olympus hill: A… Read more »

Battle for the Galaxy

Take control of your forces, publish your power to other players, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy the end, who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Google play has published this fighting game in MENA region as a powerful game which… Read more »

Narcos: Cartel Wars

Destroy your enemies and become a powerful Capo – the leader of your own cartel in the official published game of NARCOS on google play in MENA country! Power. Loyalty. Warfare. Product are the properties of this game. Step into the dangerous and thrilling role of cartel kingpin in the official game of the hit… Read more »

Clash Of Aliens

Your main tower is under attack! Become a leader and defender your tower from the invading aliens, like Tiny Eye, Digger, Predator and more in CLASH OF ALIENS! Come up with a strategy! Summon your hero and build a strong team, defender your tower and you will be the winner with the aid of matrix…. Read more »

Rage of Kings

Rage of kings. An exciting game which Medrick game studios in MENA country have honored to publishing new breath of action video game. CITY( game options applied by google play) – Construct and upgrade your castle, farms, army barracks, hospital, and more, all to ensure you can survive severe PvP & PvE attacks. – Research… Read more »

Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights is a free to play medieval strategy MMO. At first you take control of one castle and its knights. As time goes by, you can expand your realm all the way to an empire with the right strategy. Conquer the cities of your enemies and become the most powerful ruler of the… Read more »

League Of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is the world’s first MMO Strategy game owned & powered by users. All lands are owned and governed by you. You can permanently own, actively develop, launch massive alliance warfares, and earn lucrative rewards by contributing to the development of the continents. Your strategy, diplomacy, instincts, and war tactics all come to… Read more »