Successful attendance of Medrick at TGC 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Medrick Game Studio, made a successful and powerful appearance at TGC 2018. Introduction of new works and hopeful negotiations with international publishers, were some of the positive activities of Medrick at this convention. By introducing several games like Spirit Wars, WallAge, Kitchen Paradise, and the new version of Cactus, which is in cooperation with the amazing animation studio of “Dirin Dirin”, Medrick showed a brighter attendance among the game developers companies. A noteworthy point was the reception of various publishers from these titles. Many of attending publishers at TGC 2018 has done some successful initial negotiations and it is most likely that they publish Medrick’s new titles in other countries. By attending pitch fest, Spirit Wars, one of Medrick’s important titles, was generally introduced to publishers and had a great reception by some of them. Broadly speaking, Medrick Game Studio has made a bright and successful attendance at TGC 2018 by introducing new titles and having hopeful conversations with great publishers.