Medrick shines in the 7th Tehran Game Festival

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The 7th official Tehran Game Festival was held on March 8th in the Vahdat hall with “Rooster Wars: Tactics” and “Spring Farm” representing Medrick. The two games were nominated for almost all the categories and managed to win multiple awards. Spring Farm won 4 Qazaal Zarreen awards and an honorary diploma. In addition to winning the Technical Achievement honorary diploma, Spring Farm won the Achievement Award in the 3 categories of Best 2D Arts, Best Sound Effects and Best Storyline while winning the Best Game Award in the Management category. Rooster Wars: Tactics also had a very successful performance, winning 2 Qazaal Zarreen Awards for the Best Soundtrack and the Best Action Game. Concluding the event with 6 awards and an honorary diploma, this could be considered a remarkable performance for Rooster Wars: Tactics and Spring Farm.