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Medrick FZE focuses on localizing and publishing high quality international games in the MENA region especially In the Iranian Market. We are developers ourselves with +12 titles so far. Thus, we know the desires and requirements of game developers.
Medrick FZE currently has 4 headquarters worldwide including Iran, USA, UAE and Germany.


United Arab Emirates

United States of America



Medrick FZE currently has the largest portfolio of successful games in the Iranian market and MENA region. Currently our focus of publish is on mobile and browser-based games. But, we also provide very easy to integrate payment solution for PC games and apps as well.


Over the past couple of years we have developed +12 titles in a wide range of genres and for a wide range of audiences.

  • steamcard app


    Steam Card , is an online card game taking place in 19th century about wars and power...
  • Matchtaria


    An exciting matching colored game that requires players to try and find the longest chain of colored dummies.
  • Tele Run


    Timmy is having the most enchanting dream that is filed with all kinds of candies, but in order to get his hands on those candies, little Timmy must sometimes cross in to the land of nightmares.
  • Galaxy

    TapTap Galaxy

    Combative game that takes place in the depths of galaxy.
  • Rooster

    Rooster Wars

    Online multiplayer fighting game with roleplaying elements and online community.
  • melodia


    "Melodia" is the first Iranian musical game. It's about an experience of playing your favorite songs with Piano, Guitar and other instruments.
  • Bakhtak city

    Bakhtak city

    Episodic 2D puzzle point-and-click adventure game.
  • FootCardia


    Footcardia is an online CCG game with a football theme that is designed for Mobile and Tablets. The player has to use his wits and cards and come up with a perfect strategy in order to overcome his opponents.
  • Full Throttle

    Full Throttle

    an online drag racing game with various cars and maps.
  • Queen Order

    Queen Order

  • Spring Farm

    Spring Farm

  • 20 Question

    20 Question

  • Arnikan



Medrick FZE currently has strategic partnerships with +10 companies in Iran. These partners ranges from mobile operators to stores and service providers.

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